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February 28, 2014

AEHRF has got ECOSOC-status

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Asian-Eurasian Human Rights Forum AEHRF, Dehli/India has got ECOSOC-status, see report E/C.2/2014/L.1/Rev.1, uploaded on this blog as e201432parti / page 4/29, item 21 (report of the Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations on its 2014 regular session, New York, 21-30 January and 7 February 2014, published by the United Nations Economic and Social Council, 7 February 2014).

We from the Geneva Office congratulate warmly the whole team and wish them a successful work for the Human Rights. Go on!

July 29, 2012

ECOSOC status – the end …

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(updated on November 10, 2012): This blog tells (as exemple) the story of a small NGO in Delhi wanting access ECOSOC status.

Here, ECOSOC, the UN body giving NGOs a special status to work with them, is not able to say frankly NO ACCESS because of hidden politics – here between the state of India with it’s own NGOs. The play is, India’s first adversary – here the representative of Pakistan – stipulates NO for this Indian NGO, pretexting a not kind attitude for Pakistan … India does the same for a Pakistan NGO wanting ECOSOC status … but when the comedy in UN’s meeting-room is over, the two representatives of India and Pakistan leave the room arm in arm, merrily laughing and chatting …

… since end of 2010, UN/ECOSOC has unilaterally stopped any correspondence with Delhi (AEHRF’s headquarter) … giving no reasons.

We know that many other NGOs are living the same stupid run: governments in many countries try to limit the number of their NGOs. Refusing them ECOSOC status (with the help of a so called adversary country) limits heavily their income, means reduces some kind of work needing more money than their members can personally afford.

We the Geneva-Office are publishing this story for making aware what this UN-body really is … meanwhile for me a normal play by corrupt elites.


Link: go to what’s new since March 2009 and scroll down to my clarification.

February 4, 2011

invitation, question, answer

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You may read:



.AEHRF – KNPanditas reply Febr 4, 2011 to NGO branch DESA.

July 28, 2010


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Reported to the next session for another round:


June 28, 2010

UN’s question, AEHRF’s answer

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Question May 29, 2010: qs_29-May-2010_7654_10901.

Answer May 29, 2010: ans_29-May-2010_7654_10943.

This time, no final decision is given or published by the ECOSOC committee.

May 3, 2010


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Delhi is invited for the next run:

re-Invitation note_23-April-2010_7654_10395

April 4, 2010

more questions, answers, notes

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7 new items since beginning of 2010:







.Geneva Office’s memo for ECOSOC, April 4, 2010.

As you may see, there is no change.

November 22, 2009

UN’s invitation 19 Nov. 2009

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ECOSOC Committee’s invitation for the next Regular Session in New York,  scheduled for 25 January – 3 February 2010:


I answered them that Geneva is not concerned by this invitation, only Delhi is involved.

September 29, 2009

what’s new since March 2009

Our Media Add-tool was out of work, we could no more upload pdf files. Today reparation is made and we can go on. Below what happened since:

UN’s questions on May 22, 2009: qs_22-May-2009_6969_8033

AEHRF’s answer May 27, 2009: ans_27-May-2009_6969_8088

UN’s decision June 2, 2009: note_02-June-2009_6969_8162

UN’s question June 4, 2009: qs_04-June-2009_6969_8269

UN’s reminder note Aug 3, 2009: note_03-August-2009_7270_8309

and AEHRF’s answer Aug 4, 2009: ans_04-August-2009_6969_8349

My clarification:

  • I, as President of the Geneva Office of AEHRF certify, that our NGO is totally separated from the Delhi Office, this by law, and also by finance.
  • We are an independent NGO, our work consists in editing all these blogs. We are linked with Delhi by heart, by the goal, and with our spirit. Thus we share the name by friendship, adding – for distinction – Geneva-Office to our name. But Delhi decides themselves their work, and we do same.
  • We, the Geneva Office of AEHRF DO NOT APPLY for ECOSOC. We have no exchange with this committee and will never apply. Delhi is applying since many years and we, the Geneva Office, are only showing the world this eternal story, knowing that there exist worldwide many others like this one.
  • Heidi, Geneva-Office of AEHRF, which is the only owner of all these blogs.

March 5, 2009

UN’s Decision

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(for) Asian-Eurasian Human Rights Forum – Mar 4, 2009:

January 28, 2009

AEHRF’s answers of Jan. 27, 2009

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This we sent to the Committe, find our answers with the three links below:




January 27, 2009

UN’s 6 question 26-01-2009

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Dear NGO Representative of Asian-Eurasian Human Rights Forum,

A new question has been posted in the NGO Response System in regards to your application for consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) …


You may find UN’s letter with these 6 new (rather political) questions by the link below:


January 25, 2009

UN’s 3 question-notes 07, 10, 12 2008 – AEHRF’s answer 09-01-2009

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4 links:





January 24, 2009

UN’s 7 questions 04-06-2008 – AEHRF’s answers 04-06-2008

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and here we are:



UN’s 3 questions 24-01-2008 – AEHRF’s 5 pages answer 11-03-2008

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under the two links:



January 23, 2009

UN’s questions 13-05-2007 – AEHRF’s answers 08-06-2007

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Two questions, two answers:



UN’s invitation 26-04-2006

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UN’s invitation to participate the Committee’s meeting on May 2006, to give us the possibility to answer other questions about our NGO, the members, their beliefs and actions, or about our (non-) politics, etc.:


AEHRF’s answers 17-04-2006

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Notice the same answers were already given (remember our former post: question-of-10-05-05-_0041 and answer-of-12-05-05-_0011)

K.N.P’s note about ECOSOC

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Posted on April 3rd, 2006, K.N. Pandita wrote  a note on our Homepage about this item.

UN’s 5 questions 10-05-2005 – AEHRF’s 10 pages answers 12-05-2005

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Again a political touch in these 5 questions:



UN’s questions 10-01-2005 – AEHRF’s answers 11-01-2005

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The Committee asks us political questions, but it is not the role of NGOs to participate in political struggles. We remain on the level of Human Rights abuses. The two links are:



letter and 3 pages docs 04-01-2005

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We sent on January 04, 2005:


January 22, 2009

AEHRF’s answers 20-05-2004

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5 pages answers plus 7 pages attaches – to satisfy the  Committee’s again raised questions during its meeting of May 2004 in New York :


Committee’s invitation

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We were invited to participate the Committee’s deliberations (and answer further questions):


UN’s 5 questions 17-12-2003 – AEHRF’s 5 answers 18-12-2003

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Find them under this two links:



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