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July 29, 2012

ECOSOC status – the end …

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(updated on November 10, 2012): This blog tells (as exemple) the story of a small NGO in Delhi wanting access ECOSOC status.

Here, ECOSOC, the UN body giving NGOs a special status to work with them, is not able to say frankly NO ACCESS because of hidden politics – here between the state of India with it’s own NGOs. The play is, India’s first adversary – here the representative of Pakistan – stipulates NO for this Indian NGO, pretexting a not kind attitude for Pakistan … India does the same for a Pakistan NGO wanting ECOSOC status … but when the comedy in UN’s meeting-room is over, the two representatives of India and Pakistan leave the room arm in arm, merrily laughing and chatting …

… since end of 2010, UN/ECOSOC has unilaterally stopped any correspondence with Delhi (AEHRF’s headquarter) … giving no reasons.

We know that many other NGOs are living the same stupid run: governments in many countries try to limit the number of their NGOs. Refusing them ECOSOC status (with the help of a so called adversary country) limits heavily their income, means reduces some kind of work needing more money than their members can personally afford.

We the Geneva-Office are publishing this story for making aware what this UN-body really is … meanwhile for me a normal play by corrupt elites.


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